2. Selecting and submitting your POC stake.

The second subsection gives you predefined options to stake POC. The 3 options include staking POC with 30% rewards, 100% rewards and 130% rewards.
Upon clicking ‘Select’, you will be directed to a POC Staking popup which will have the option to select the lock-up duration, followed by the amount and a confirmation button. The balance section displays your POC amount followed by the ‘Max’ option below to select all POC you intend to stake.
Now, the default option is 90 days with special events. But if the user selects the 30 day or 90 day option in the home page, the popup is opened with relevant option selected, automatically. Please note that NO early withdrawal is possible once your POC has been staked for fixed period of time.
The estimated APR (Annual Percentage Rate) value depends on the selected duration:
  • 30 days: 30% of APR
  • 90 days: 100% of APR
  • 90 days with special event: 130%* of APR
Please note this APR rewards are always calculated based on annual interests rate. For example, if you have staked 1000 POC for 30 days with 30% APR option, your rewards after 30 days of lock-up will be approximately 25 POC.
Upon confirming Staking and connecting to your Metamask, you will be asked to pay the gas fee two times (two times of Pop-up screen as below). That is a standard process to pay twice the gas fee in Metamask wallet.
130% APR for 90 days option is only available for special event participants as an one-off event. You will be contacted by our customer support team ([email protected]) for the further instructions.
The third subsection displays the POC Price, your stake in POC and your collection of NFT items.
The POC price section displays the POC price (from PancakeSwap) and the increase/decrease compared to the previous day. You can click on “Buy” to open PancakeSwap in the new browser tab and buy POC.