How to deposit mPOC

It’s easy to deposit mPOC to your wallet and in this article we will highlight how to deposit mPOC from Metamask to your Pocket Arena wallet or PA Wallet.

What is mPOC?

POC deposited from Metamask wallet to PA account is called mPOC.

mPOC is the short name of “Membership Pocket Arena Token” that is used within Castle Defense in order to upgrade castle items or to buy Arena Pool XP.

Here is a video guide on how to deposit mPOC and how to buy Arena Pool XP.

There will be more utilities of mPOC in Pocket Arena. To know more about mPOC please refer to the article here:

How to deposit mPOC?

1. Click here to go to your PA Wallet and connect to your Metamask wallet from your PA wallet.

2. Once your Metamask is connected and is on Binance Smart Chain Mainnet, visit your PA wallet and click on mPOC from the home screen as shown above.

3. Click on “Deposit” on mPOC homescreen.

Please note if your Metamask wallet is not connected you will get the following error message stating that “You should connect to a BSC network”.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet known for its ease of use. It is available on both desktops and mobile devices, and presents users the ability to buy, send, and receive cryptocurrency from within the wallet, and collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across two blockchains.

To know more on how to install and use Metamask, please visit the link below:

4. Enter the POC amount you want to deposit into your PA Wallet. And then click on “Deposit”. After clicking Deposit the Deposit POC screen will open where Your Balance and Deposit Amount will be shown. If you want to transfer all POC from Metamask to your PA wallet then you can do so by clicking “Max”.

5. The Metamask chrome extension will pop up where you will get a confirmation screen showing the POC amount you wish to transfer + gas fees.If you accept the charges click on “Confirm”.

6. After a few seconds you will be shown the following confirmation screen.

To View the transaction details or history of this POC transfer, click on “mPOC” from the home screen of your PA Wallet.

After your POC deposit is processed, your mPOC balance will be visible on the Home screen of your PA wallet as shown in the screenshot below.

In order to setup Metamask, please refer to this guide here

Note: Alternatively to change your Metamask network you can visit the link and click on Switch to BSC(Binance Smart Chain). The Metamask extension will pop up where you will have to enter your Metamask Password, as shown below. Enter password and click “Unlock”.

Click on “Approve” on the next screen followed by “Switch Network” as shown below.

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