Pocket Arena games are Free-to-play; they do not cost a thing to play. However, some scenarios may warrant a fee as players make progress in the games, in order to facilitate smooth transactions.

In this section, we will discuss some scenarios where a fee is applicable. So, let's get started.

In Castle Arena, for instance, players increase the value of NFT Castle by upgrading and contributing XP for that castle. When the sponsor receives the upgraded castle, he can sell it on the P2P Castle Market to get profit. Castle with more XP will have a better price.

Fee pertaining to P2P NFT Castle Selling (under the new Revenue Sharing System) after 15 Feb 2022

Post Castle Arena launch, Pocket Arena has introduced a new profit-sharing system based on sold castle price.

Under the new profit-sharing structure of NFT Castle sales, there is a gross revenue-sharing that is.

Upon the sale of an NFT Castle, 4% of the profit goes to Emoji Games, and 96% of the profit goes to the owner of the NFT Castle (also called the sponsor or the seller of the NFT Castle). The figure below depicts the new profit-sharing structure. Here you can find more details about this.

Fee pertaining to wEUR Withdrawal

Users who have sold their NFT Castles or the users who earned the wEUR from their contributions can now withdraw their wEUR from their Pocket Arena wallet. The wEUR needs to be in the PA wallet for at least 6 weeks (due to any potential dispute case) in order for it to be eligible for withdrawal. The minimum wEUR one can withdraw is 100.

As for the fee, a service charge of 6.25% is applicable on every wEUR withdrawal. You will receive your wEUR in BUSD by applying EUR/BUSD rate of https://www.binance.com/en/trade/eur_busd to your given BEP20 wallet upon withdrawal request.

Fee pertaining to POC Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw POC, you must first understand what type of POC you are dealing with. There are mainly 3 types of POC in Pocket Arena:

wPOC - POC acquired by playing PA games that is yet to go through auditing.

aPOC - the wPOC that has successfully undergone auditing, which is eligible for withdrawal.

bPOC - the POC acquired by exchanging said tXP from the Castle Arena battle mode. The bPOC does not require auditing.

bPOC withdrawal for instance, charges 3 POC from the Metamask wallet as fee for every withdrawal attempt you make and it requires to keep min. 5 POC in your Metamask wallet in order to request for subsequent withdrawal. See details here at https://pa-support.pocketarena.com/bpoc-withdrawal-policy.

Note: Fees are subject to change at the discretion of Pocket Arena

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