7-3. BNB to BUSD Swap

After adding BNB to your Metamask wallet you will have to swap BNB to BUSD. You need to do this because POC can be brought by swapping with BUSD.

Click on "Browser"

And search for PancakeSwap or log on to www.pancakeswap.finance

Once logging on to PancakeSwap, click on "Connect Wallet". Then choose your wallet; in this case Metamask, so click on “MetaMask”.

Once you are logged in your MetaMask, the next screen will appear as shown below. Click on ”Connect”.

Once you connect your Metamask wallet to PancakeSwap, click on “Trade” and the swap screen will appear as shown below which will display your BNB balance amount along with a drop-down option to select the token which you want to swap with.

With the first dropdown option being BNB, select BUSD in the second dropdown. Enter the desired amount in BNB that you want to swap and click on “Swap

When swapping BNB to BUSD, you need to keep about 0.002 BNB in your BNB account on Metamask. This is because 0.002 BNB will be used as a fee when swapping for BUSD and POC later.

On the next confirmation screen, click “Accept” and on the second confirmation screen click “Confirm Swap”.

On the third and final confirmation screen, you will be presented with the transaction details. Review it and click on “Confirm”.

On the next screen, click on “Add BUSD to Metamask” followed by “Add Token”. You need to do this so that BUSD is shown in your Metamask wallet.

This concludes your BNB to BUSD swap and will be shown in your Metamask wallet as below.

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