7-4. BUSD to POC Swap

After swapping BNB to BUSD to your Metamask wallet, you will be able to get POC by swapping BUSD to POC. Here’s how you do it:

First you need to add token. Click on "Select a Token" and search the name or paste the address as given below:


Once entered click on “Import”.

You will get an alert prompt to beware of other arbitrary tokens on the BSC network. Check on “I understand” and click on "Import".

Now you have added POC compatibility to your Metamask wallet and now you are ready to swap BUSD to POC. To swap, click on "Trade" and enter the BUSD amount you wish to swap. Once entered, you will get the POC equivalent that you will get in this swap.

On the next screen, click on “Enable BUSD” followed by “Approve” on the pop-up screen which will show you the gas fees of the transaction.

On the next screen, click on "Swap" button.

On the confirmation screen, click “Confirm Swap”.

On the third and final confirmation screen, you will be presented with the transaction details. Review it and click on "Confirm".

On the next screen, click on “Add POC to Metamask” followed by "Add Token". You need to do this so that POC is shown in your Metamask wallet.

This concludes your BUSD to POC swap and will be shown in your MetaMask wallet as below.

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