1. Overview of the POC Staking Page

We would also like to take this opportunity of announcing about our POC Staking program. According to the POC tokenomics, 12% of total supply of POC has been allocated for staking, thus we have outlined our staking program. Keeping this in mind, we also have created this step-by-step guide on how to stake your POC tokens — so here it is!
First staking opens: Tuesday, 15th February 2022
Standard Staking Reward Options* : 30% APR for 30 days / 100% APR for 90 days
NO Min. NO Max amount of POC for staking
NO early withdrawal is possible once POC has been staked for the fixed period of time.
To access the staking page, you will have to visit In order to facilitate staking, you will have to connect your Metamask wallet. The section "How to Buy POC on PancakeSwap" talks on how to go about it.
POC Staking Page
Once you have connected your Metamask wallet, you will have to grant permission to Metamask to access the POC staking page. Once your wallet is connected to the POC staking page, your Metamask details will be displayed on the top left section of the POC staking page (next to support).
Once the metamask wallet is connected, clicking on it will reveal your wallet details. These details will include Your Address and POC Balance. There will also be an option to Disconnect your wallet.