What is EP, XP and POC?
EP (E-Point)
EP is a consumable game point that allows you to get better performance while playing (ex. Boost your energies, bomb, additional life etc.).
The usage of EP is only limited to the specific game and can not be transferred to another PA games.
EP can be bought from XP or POC.
Any remaining EP can not be exchanged back for XP/POC.
XP (Experience Points)
XP is rewards that you can farm and collect while playing PA DApps.
XP needs to be claimed and exchanged for POC within 30 days of receipts, otherwise unclaimed XP after 30 days will be automatically lost.
The exchange rate between XP and POC may vary from time to time. Early gamer will enjoy better rate of XP due to the limited supply of POC.
POC (Pocket Arena Token)
POC is an BEP20/ERC20 based token for Pocket Arena DApps. Within PA DApps, it runs as a wrapped POC under Hyperledger Fabric which is a private blockchain. (That means NO gas fee and fast transaction for PA DApp)
If you want to withdraw POC or NFT Castles from the PA wallet to another external wallet, different protocols are supported. (ERC 721, Polygon, Klaytn, ERC 1151, Wave, etc.) Depending on the protocols you choose, different fees are charged upon withdrawal.
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